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Hiii! I’m Kati a young first gen artist from Cali🌞 I specialize in chicano, fine line black and grey tattoos. I took inspo at a early age from my dad who had chewed up, blurry, faded tattoos his friends and himself did while doing time… despite the fact that they were not clean, little old me still admired those blotchy tattoos and whole world of chicano art🥹✊🏽Overtime, I’ve learned to incorporate my own tweety touch to chicano designs. I’m talking: smile now cry later masks, 🎭payasitas, old English, cursive, barbwires, dices, spiderwebs, big pachuca hair, skulls, sacred hearts allll this and soo much more in my style✨ But don’t get me wrong, I’m a versatile girl and have a huge love for the softer side of chicano art to the angles, clouds, butterflies, sparkley eyes, hearts, roses, bows, crosses, stars, the list goes onn!!


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